Will North Korea Start World War III - North Korea

Will North Korea start World War III?


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World War 3

The Greatest Leader in the World, President Trump is tired of North Korea playing these mind games with the world. They are constantly shooting missiles into the sea and taunting the United States. The North Koreans are not allowed to have any nuclear weapons because it would bring instability to Asia. Russia, China and America are the only countries in the world that could have nuclear weapons. The world sees North Korea as a threat if there were to have nukes but what about the Russians. Are they not a problem? These guys have enough nukes to blow up the whole world 10 times. The leaders of the World must come to some type of agreement or there will be war in the future. The media and certain politicians are itching for war because war will bring in money to big corporations and it will help with depopulation. The world is too crowded and there are too many people on earth. The world leaders want to remove people from the planet so they can have it to themselves. War is not the answer to temporary problems. Too many people have died in the past from wars. War will not solve anything but it will create more problems. It certainly will crush the economy and it will cause the death of the US dollar. World leaders will try to find a new form of currency to replace the dollar after the next world war. The World Leaders that we have today are all full of pride and this pride will cause them to have a pissing contest. A nuclear pissing contest. I can guarantee you all that there will be a nuclear war. There is nothing that anyone can do to prevent North Korea from creating nukes. I am 100 percent sure that they already have nukes due to all of their shit talking. The North is just trying to test out their striking range. According to the prophets, a nuke will come from South America and land on TX. Nukes will come from the Pacific Ocean via submarines and land on Washington and California. Nukes will come from the Atlantic Ocean and land on NY and Washington DC. Syria, Russia, Iran, Turkey, North Korea and Cuba will all plan this and they will attack together at the same time. Once they attack America, they will go after Saudi Arabia for their oil and Israel. This is not to scare anyone but to prepare everyone.

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