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I have been using business voip systems for 10 years. They are good for transferring calls, messages, placing callers on hold and speak to more than one caller at a time. Business voip systems may be difficult to set up if you do not have any experience. It would be good to hire a contractor to install your voip system. It is possible to install a business voip system in your home if you operate a home-based business. There are a lot of good business voip system phones on the market. They are all internet based so that means you will need an internet connection to speak. A lot of home-based businesses use skype because it is easy to operate. There are other business voip systems such as vonage, grasshopper and ring central. They all have a variety of features that will help you and your business. If you only want to use business voip systems to save money, it is possible because you will be speaking through your internet connection.

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