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Dirty Priest who Touch Little Kids


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Sex Abusing Priest

A lot of crazy things are going on in the world. Holy Men are being accused of touching children in an inappropriate manner. Men who preach about love are making love to children. When I was young, I always wondered why there were so many missing children. Every morning I would wake up and eat cereal before watching cartoons. There would be a face of a little child on the milk carton. These demonic men must be stopped. They are destroying the lives of innocent children. If George Pell is guilty of molesting children, he should be placed in the worst prison cell on Earth. Some of these religious goons were accused of sucking off babies in a religious ceremony. This is unacceptable and evil. Babies contracted diseases as a result of these evil religious goons. It is time to take a stand and hold leaders responsible for this mess. In Australia alone, 4,444 children were abused by catholic priest. It is time for the world to take a stand against these criminals.

Dirty Priest

Priest Exposed

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