America prepares for Nuclear Attack

America prepares for A Nuclear Attack


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Nuke Warning system

Hawaii is getting prepared for a Nuclear attack from North Korea. One way the prepare is get your insurance together. If a bomb were to hit your place of residence, you could be covered with insurance that will cover the destruction. Progressive is a great insurance company and you also have a company called Nationwide. Both companies have home and renters insurance that will cover you in the event of an disaster. Insurance is a great idea but Hawaii is not using insurance to prepare for a nuclear attack. Hawaii is working on an emergency broadcast system that will alert citizens in the event of an attack. Every single state in America need to prepare for a nuclear attack. The American people cannot rely on the emergency broadcast system. The system that we have now is a cold war era system just as the nuclear weapons system. According to Wikipedia, The U.S. and Russia currently have a total of 900 missiles and 2581 strategic nuclear warheads on high-alert, launch-ready status. One day, someone will use these nuclear weapons. Neither country can defend themselves against a surprise nuclear attack. Working on Hawaii is a great start but how can you evacuate thousands of people from a city in minutes? A nuke from Russia can hit in 15 to 30 minutes. There is no way in hell that an alert system will help. If the nuke is coming from an untraceable submarine, that alert system would be no good. The best way to protect America against a nuclear attack is to destroy every country with nuclear weapons, starting with Russia. Putin may be a nice guy and he may never attack America but the next person could. If there are nukes on this Earth, there will always be a treat. I always wonder who created these types of weapons. They were designed to destroy towns and countries. I miss the days where people used swords. Life is crazy. People kill without any feelings and they do not care at all. When the nukes hit America, how will you react or what will you be doing at the time? Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


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