Nuclear Weapons - Will Nukes destroy the world?

The Truth about Nukes


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North Korea is back to their bullshit

The world is not ready for nukes. Nuclear weapons are weapons of mass destruction. Russia currently have thousands of nuclear weapons on stand by for the next world war. They are planning to become the only world superpower. People all over the world know that there will be a nuclear war in the future. The only problem is that people are not preparing for this war. They are too busy working their 9 to 5 jobs and taking care of themselves. The people of America must prepare for the worst because the worst is coming. The destruction from the nuke will change the world. The radiation will destroy the earth and all the natural resources of the land. Everyone must get their radioactive suits ready because war is coming. The world is in grave danger and it will not be able to survive the nuclear attacks from Russia and Iran. Isis is growing and they have their eyes on nuclear weapons. Their main goal is to take over all the middle eastern countries. If ISIS get their hands on a nuke, the world will tremble because ISIS is unpredictable. Nuclear weapons are very dangerous and it can destroy lives. It will destroy many alive today. Prepare your hearts, minds and families for the great tribulation. There will be a great falling away because people believe they will be taken away from hard times. A wise man once said that in this world, you will have tribulation. No matter how hard things will become, never give up on yourself and your family. Always stay positive and keep your eye on your prize.

Nukes in action

24 Hours after an Attack

72,000 degrees of Heat from a Nuke

The City of Death

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