North Korea - Testing Weapons of Mass Destruction

North Korea test their weapons again


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North Korea is back to their bullshit

North Korea fired another missile towards Japan. They are testing their capabilities to see how far their weapons can go. It is only a matter of time before they can deliver mass destruction to America. If the North Koreans have no problem hitting Japan, it will be easy for them to fire their weapons from Cuba. The North Koreans are unpredictable and they have weapons of mass destruction. If George Bush was president, we would be at war with the North Koreans. We believe the North Koreans are preparing for a large scale nuclear war. America has a lot of enemies and they also have nukes pointed at every major military duty station and power plant. The North Koreans and Russians are sitting and waiting for the right time to attack. We are in the warning business because there are a lot of people that could die. The North Koreans have thousands of weapons pointed at South Korea and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop. If North and South Korea goes to war, millions of people will die and that is a fact. America must do everything it can to prevent war with North Korea. The North Koreans have chemical weapons that could wipe out populations. There cannot be a war between the North and the South or millions of people will suffer and die.

North Korea fires again

North Korea is ready for war

North Korea test the world

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