North Korea fires missile

North Korea prepares H-BOMB to Strike Hawaii and Washington DC


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North Korea prepares Nuclear Warhead

It is no secret that Kim Jong Un is planning the next Pearl Harbor type of attack. North Korea is very serious about making a statement to the world. They are putting the finishing touches on their weapon of mass destruction. The north has their H-BOMB on standby and ready to strike Guam as promised. The US is running out of options with the Big Sexy Panda Kim Jong Un and his servants. President Trump is ready with all options on the table. Will the US strike the North Koreans? The North will not give up their nuclear programs because of how the US dealt with leaders in the past. There were no peace deals with Saddam or Gaddafi. Kim Jong Un is in fear and worries that the US will kill him. He is very prepared to die as well as his servants. If the Big Sex Panda were to die in a strike, his sons will take revenge on the US. America is getting closer and closer to nuclear war and the hurricanes will make matters worse than ever.

North Korea Launch Missile over Japan

North Korea may have crossed the line with their most recent missile lunch over Japan. Minutes after the lunch, the warning system was activated causing fear in the hearts of the Japanese people. The people of Japan were warned to take shelter because a missile flew over Japan airspace. Most of the North Korean missiles were launched near Japan which brings up my next question. Will North Korea go to war with Japan? It is very possible for Japan to retaliate against the North Koreans. The US will have the opportunity to assist without using any military action if Japan goes to war with the North Koreans. If the North Koreans attack the US or any allies, it will be the beginning of a new World War. President Trump has warned that all options are on the table. What will that mean for the North Koreans? The United Nations could clearly turn North Korea into a pit of smoke and ashes. The North Korean ruler is dancing on hot coals and only time will tell what will happen to his country and family.

North Korea missile over Japan

North Korea crosses the line

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