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Donald Trump: Good Business Ideas to Make Money


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Donald Trump: Good business Ideas to Make Money

Everyone wants to start a money making business because of the benefits. A lot of people look up to President Trump because he has a lot of good business ideas to make money. He has been making millions for years. With the right investments, you too could become a billionaire. The one thing that hurt people when it comes having a money making business is debt. It is a killer and people do not want to spend their whole life paying off creditors. When you take thousands or even millions to invest in your business, at some point in time you will have to pay that money back with interest. President Trump started his money making business after receiving a small loan of 1 million dollars. That small loan turned into billions. President trump made so much money that he refuses to take the presidential salary. He donates it to charity. One good business idea to make money is investing. Trump has invested in real estate because it is a good money making business. He is a lot of buildings in New York and other parts of the world. Trump makes millions from his investments. Trump manages the trump organization which is his real estate firm. Trump is worth 3.5 billion dollars. He has enough money to retire and never work again. Trump owns buildings in Dubai, Istanbul, Indonesia, Mumbai and Manila. The Trump brand is very famous money making business and real estate is a good business idea to make money.

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