War in Iraq - Who is at War and How did the war impact the World?



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War in Iraq - The love of Money is the ROOT of all Evil

There have been wars in the middle east for years. The middle east is very unstable and a lot of people believe it is that ways because of the death of Saddam Hussain. This guy was not very nice to the people of Kuwait. He was known as a ruler and king in the eyes of his people. He tried to rebuild Iraq and rename it Babylon. Things went very bad once Sandam tried to sell oil. He did not want to have anything to do with the US dollar. If Saddam would have succeeded, he could have hurt the US economy. If Saddam was alive today, he would have defeated ISIS with no problem. There would not even be an ISIS or any other type of terror groups in Iraq. Many of the US soldiers who have died in Iraq would still be alive today if the US would have stayed out of the country. Nothing good comes from war. War causes families to separate and it destroys cities and homes. It is hard to recover from war. There will be wars in the future. The events in Syria will lead to war between Russia and the United States. Sometimes it is best to not interfere with other countries and their issues. Because of the war in Iraq, a lot of gold was taken from the country as well as ancient artifacts. Many believe that they were taken by looters but that could not be the case.

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