5 Ways to protect your children from Cyber Predators

5 Ways to protect your children from Cyber Predators


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5 Ways to protect your children from predators

Strange men are paying top dollar to see the bodies of young children. There cyber predators are all over the world. They work at places that cater to kids such as amusement parks, fairs, and pizza places. You can always spot a child predator by the way they look at small children. Always watch your children when they are on the playground. Stay close enough to prevent a kidnapping and always keep your eyes on your child. Child predators are known to stalk children and follow them to school. They know how the parents look and they also know the vehicle of the parent. There are some child predators that seek young school aged children on social media websites and applications. Child predators are on the rise all over the world.
1. Martial Arts
Martial arts not only teach disapline but it can be used to save the life of your child. Send your child to a martial arts school to learn self-defense.
2. Communication Devices
Communication devices such as phones can come in handy in the middle of an attack. If some strange weirdo decides to put your kids in the trunk, they can use their communication device to the authorities
3. GPS
GPS is a great way to keep track of your children. There are a lot of devices out there to protects school age children. You could download a GPC tracker on their phone to make sure they are at the right place at the right time.
4. Situation Awareness
It is important to know about your neighborhood. Go online and search your sex offenders who may be present near your home. This will help you to be on high alert.
5. Buddy System
Make sure your child has a buddy with them while walking to school and catching the bus. Most predators catch their prey when they least expect it.

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