Abortion - How America sacrifice babies to the Devil.

Abortion - How America sacrifice babies to the Devil.


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Abortion in America

Abortion is a very huge problem in America. A total of 699,202 abortions were reported to CDC for 2012. In the year 2000, Christians had approximately 570,000 abortions. Since 1973 Roe vs Wade, there were 59,494,298 abortions in America. 17,848,290 of those babies were black. Abortion is destroying the future of America. Any one of those children could have found the cure to cancer, Aids, Ebola and HIV. Any one of those children could have been president in place of Donald Trump. Any one of those children could have had a positive impact on the world. Things would be completely different if all those children would have never died. Some people believe that the child does not have a say in whether they live or die. Some feminist believe that it is their body until the baby is out so they can do whatever they want even if it means killing an innocent child. Murder is wrong and no adult should be able to decide if another person gets to die. Every time an innocent child dies, their blood leaks into the sewer system and into our waters. That blood is life and it speaks. People must realize that their blood cries out to the creator. It gives off a certain frequency because blood is energy and life. That blood never leaves the earth. America has a lot of blood on its hands. Time is running out for the Great Nation. The people must turn away from abortion and stop killing innocent children. It is not enough to apologize and say I am sorry. The killing must stop or GREAT DESTRUCTION will come to the United States. The president must pass laws that will make abortion illegal. Those who kill an innocent child should get life prison.

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