Trump Jr. Working with the Russian Mob to get Dirt.

Trump Jr is in a World of Shit


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Trump Jr. Working with the Russians to get Dirt

Trump Jr is in a world a shit. He has been making deals with the Russians to get dirt on the Clinton family. The whole election was just a dirty game because the Trumps used the Russians to will the election. How can you turn to an enemy to cheat in an election? The Trump scandal is increasing day by day. No matter how bad the Trumps did, it will not cause The President to be impeached. The whole world is looking forward to the impeachment of our great leader President Trump. No one in history had the balls to do what President Trump did. He is the most powerful president of all time. Trump is a man of his word and he will always do what he says. If the President says he is going to blow up some stuff, you better believe that it will happen.

Trump Jr big kick in the Balls

Trump Jr Email Drama

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