Trump and Putin have talks about SECRETS.

What Trump and Putin Really Talked About During the SECRET MEETING.


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Talks of SECRETS with Trump and Putin

Trump and Putin the Bear had their second meeting. It seems like the two are having some type of bromance. We hope that it will lead to a great relationship between the two superpowers. The world is not ready for a nuclear war. Americans are not prepared to dodge nukes and chemical weapons. The would need to pray that the 2 become the best of friends because they have thousands of warheads that can turn the whole world into a construction site. We suspect the meeting between the two was about the incident with Trump Jr. The guy sent messages that had an impact on the election and now the world knows Russia had something to do with the loss of Clinton. If Mrs. Clinton was the president, we would be at war with Iran and North Korea. President Trump is not a warlord but a peace maker and money maker. He is all about making America Rich again.

Trump and Putin SECRET Meeting

Trump BEGS Putin to Save His Son


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