President Trump is Honored to meet with Kim Jong Un

President Trump wants to meet Kim Jong Un in person

North Korea

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President Trump will protect all Americans from North Korea

President Trump wants to Speak to Kim Jong Un

President Trump is honored to meet with Kim Jong Un, the King of North Korea. That would be a very bad mistake for President Trump. Most of the Americans that have ever gone to North Korea are in prison camps or have went to prison camp. The North Koreans cannot be trusted. They do not want to be your friend Trump. They want your head and they will do anything in their power to get it. I personally beg President Trump to stay out of North Korea and away from Kim Jong Un. He is a very dangerous man. No American should ever go to North Korea. If President Trump were to go to North Korea, two things could occur. He would become a prisoner or he could lose his life in a so-called tragic accident in North Korea. It would be better for President Trump to never ever have a face to face meeting with Kim Jong Un.

Warning from Duterte

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