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President Trump on Military Options


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President Trump is out of Options

Drudge - President Trump is running out of options for North Korea. He is looking for a possible way to stop their nuclear program but the North Koreans are determined to build their arsenal. The President promised that North Korea will not attack Guam but they have tested the distance of their firepower which can hit Guam with no problem. According to Drudge, President Trump is also running out of patience with North Korea. He is tempted to send his hitmen to remove Kim Jong Un from power and take over North Korea. The world is quiet while the North Koreans are planning a sneak attack with Russia and China. They will team up to attack America with nuclear weapons. They will take out our power and hit us with everything they have. The American people must prepare for what is to come. America has a strong military but they are not prepared to fight on American soil. The North Koreans says they will attack Guam but that is a lie. When the North Koreans attack, they will go straight for the mainland of America. The American people must buy guns and radiation pills.

Russian/North Korean H-BOMB Targets from DREAMS

Norfolk, Washington, DC and NYC.

Visions of War with North Korea

2013 Dream of War - President Trump declares War with North Korea

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