US Sanctions on Russia 2017

US Sanctions on Russia in 2017


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US sanctions on Russia in 2017

US congress has agreed on Russian sanctions. The US is tired of Russia getting in their business. US leaders signed a bill that would limit the ability of President Trump to remove the bill. The big boss man Trump is friends with the Russian bear Putin. They have a very close connection going on. We hope that they become the best of friends. US leaders wants to punish Russia for their role in the election. A lot of people are angry because Mrs. Clinton is not the president. Ms. Clinton would have caused WW3 is she was the president. During the election, she spoke about attacking Iran and North Korea. These attacks would have resulted in a world war. The Bromance between the Big Boss Man and The Bear is growing strong but the media is trying to rip them apart.

US is ready to kick Russia in the Balls

Russian leaders are not happy with the US

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