North Korea kills College Student Otto Warmbier

North Korea Kills Otto Warmbier


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North Korea kills College Student

The American prisoner from North Korea is finally back home after months of brutal torcher and humiliation. The young college student contracted botulism while in North Korean prison camps. Otto Warmbier could have been a victim of biological weapons testing. Wicked nations are known for testing bacteria and diseases on test subjects. The North Koreans decided to send Warmbier home after they realized the harmful impact of the harmful bacteria. Warmbier suffered a massive loss of brain tissue because of botulism. The young innocent college student is hanging on for dear life. He may not make it. The wicked North Korean warlord Kim Jung Un is responsible for their prisoners. Americans must stop going to North Korea. Once they are in the country, there is no point of return. The North Koreans sent Warmbier because they know he may die soon. President Trump may decide to take revenge on the wicked nation of North Korea by sending a special team of highly trained NINJAS. Nuclear International Networking Joint Assassination Systems.

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