North Korea Fires At Japan

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Flew 40 Minutes almost 600 Miles could reach Alaska


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North Korea Attacks

North Korea has launched another missile near Japan. According to President Trump, Kim Jong Un does not have anything better to do with his life. We believe Kim is not only testing out his weapons but he is testing out the response time of the US and their allies. They want to know how fast the US can respond to an attack and if they can stop a nuclear warhead. Sources says that the North Korean missiles can easily hit any part of Japan. The North Koreas are also sending a message to South Korea. The missile launch was a direct response to the foreign policy call between Trump and Abe Xi. The North Korean does not allow their citizen to view media from the US or South Korea but their leader is getting information from some location. He is clearly in tune with the media in the United States and South Korea. The North Koreans will never ever attack the United States alone. They will require the help of other nations such as Iran, Syria, Russia, China and Turkey. These nations are planning to attack America in the future. They are planning to strike every corner of the US as well as take over every military installation. Those who claim to be allies of America and truly not. They cannot be trusted. No one will help when the Attacks take place. Everyone will sit back and watch because of fear. Certain cities will be removed from the face of the earth.

Many of the prophets have spoken about such attacks and have seen visions of nuclear submarines and ICBMs from Russia. This attack will be like Pearl Harbor because it will be a surprise. Many men, women and children will be sold on the streets into slavery. There will be death camps and the fema camps will be used by the enemies of the United States. Those plastic coffins were not placed in the fema camps by mistake. Everything that will happen is also written. It is time for America to prepare for the worst. It is time to stock up on supplies, food and guns. North Korea is a distraction. They world is using North Korea to distract America while her enemies prepare for battle. There have been reports of Chinese troop movement in South America. They have been running drills to invade America for years. The Russians have been running drills from the Artic and Canada. Many of the brave warriors of America will fight to the Death to defend the country. It is time for the American people to wake up and get ready for disaster. The Creator will allow enemies to attack America because America has allowed millions of babies to be killed through abortion for many years. Many of the preachers in America have not spoken against abortion because they are too busy collecting money from the people and keeping them happy. Abortion is a serious problem. Innocent lives have been taken and it is time for the American leader to have a National Day of Prayer and repentance.

The media will lie and do anything to keep the people distracted. Entertainment is a tool used to control the mind. There are a lot of things happening that people are not aware of. I am warning the people of America to prepare. They will all turn their backs on the Great Nation of America.

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Flew 40 Minutes almost 600 Miles could reach Alaska

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