President Trump to impose 20% tax to build the Great Wall of America - Drudge

The Drudge: Tax Hike for The Great Wall of America

Donald Trump tax hike

President Trump just imposed a tax hike to build the Great Wall of America. What does that mean for the tax payers? We must pay for the wall with our hard-earned money. Many Americans may not agree with building the Great Wall of America but the Trump Administration has made it very clear what needs to be done. A lot of Mexican Americans are being criticized and mocked for the decisions of the United States President. The President of Mexico is very offended by the actions of President Trump. He decided to skip his meeting with trump because of his actions. This hell of a tax hike will cause a problem because people will stop purchasing tequila for vodka. The main product from Mexico is their rich tasting alcohol. Many alcoholics enjoy the taste of a fresh cold shot of tequila. This tax hike may be able to help build a wall but it will not build a close relationship with Mexico. Some view it as a form of discrimination.

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