Russia - The Russian Top Secret of the World. Their plan to invade America

Russia: The Most Deadly Country in the World


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The Russians have been planning a Top-Secret US invasion for years. They have been developing the most electrifying weapons in history. They have the all-time famous sexual stimulation bomb that has a huge impact on the hormones. When this bomb is fired, it will cause enemy soldiers to become very horny to the point of chronic masturbation. This weapon can cause their enemies to have nonstop sex with each other. All jokes aside, ┬ČThe Russians have a highly sophisticated nuclear system that is programmed to hit major US cities and military establishments. With the push of a button, Putin could start up his Satan bomb which could reach the US in less than 30 minutes. Nukes are very serious weapons of mass destruction. The US presidents of the past were quick to stop other countries from producing these deadly weapons but they sat and allowed Russia to build thousands of these demonic devices. If the US is serious about stopping the production of these weapons, the Russians must be destroyed within 24 hours. The Russians are more of a threat than any country in the world. NK is nothing compared to Russia. NK can be destroyed within a matter of minutes and Trump knows this. Everyone knows this. They can barely fire one missile. The American people must warn President Trump to avoid war at all cost with North Korea. It will trigger a nuclear attack from the Russians. War is not the answer. So many things can happen if there is war. The American people are not prepared for a secret invasion. There are Russian and North Korean troops in Mexico according to the Mexicans. If President Trump make the Mexicans angry, they will not warn America of the coming invasion and the secret Russian Troops hidden in Mexico.

The Greatest Threat to America

Russia plans to invade Alaska

Russian Top Secret underground human clone labs

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