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The Drudge: 5 Things about Hillary Clinton

5 Things you do not know about Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton
1. Hillary Clinton loves dogs

Mrs. Clinton is a dog lover. Her favorite dog is the American Pit Bull. She has been a lover of dogs ever since she was in elementary school. Hillary Clinton is a supporter of dog rights. She feels that all dogs should go to heaven and they should be treated with love and respect.

2. Hillary Clinton is a freak

There have been rumors of Mrs. Clinton being a freak and eating out women. The mistress of president Clinton told the whole world of how she used to eat out other women. She surpassed the President when it comes to eating that sweet warm cherry pie.

3. Hillary Clinton thinks all blacks belong in cages.

Hilary believes that all blacks should be placed in cages or sent back to Africa. Black people were originally sent to America to become slaves. Now that they are here, blacks are taking over America and buying land. They are making millions of dollars from the entertainment industry. Blacks are becoming powerful in America and it will be a matter of time before they gain all of the wealth of the land. Hillary Clinton wants to keep blacks on welfare and in prison because it will benefit her lizard half breed race.

4. Hillary Clinton believes in Satan

Hillary Clinton is a member of the elite and she believes in the devil himself. She is always throwing up the devil horns and giving praise to Satan for keeping her out of prison. She was almost sent to prison for the deleted emails but somehow, everyone overlooked the situation and she is now running for president. She sacrifices goats and thank Satan every day for the destruction of African Americans and Mexicans in the United States.

5. Hillary Clinton sold her soul for money and fame

Hillary Clinton is a believer in the evil one and supporter of abortion, homosexuality and the destruction of the Native Americans. She believes that she is entitled to the good of the land including oil, gold, salt and other natural resources. Her ancestor discovered America and laid hold of this great land. They also sold their souls to the devil for wealth and prosperity. When Hillary Clinton take pictures, noticed her lizard skin. She is a descendant of the reptile race and she is not 100 percent human.

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