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The Drudge: Hacking Social Media Accounts

How to Hack a Facebook account


Hacking a facebook account is very simple and easy. I have hacked into a few accounts just for fun. You have to know some basic information about a person before you can hack into an account. You could know their phone number or their first and last name. An email address would be great to know but some people have dummy email accounts used to do their dirty work. Once you find out some basic information, it is time to put your skills to the test. Passwords are easy to crack if you know the person. Most people use names of their close friends, pets or something that is easy for them to remember like the day President Obama became president. A lot of times, passwords are on their facebook page. If you request to be a friend of someone, you will see their password right on their page. It could be in their friends list or personal information about themselves. Another way to hack a facebook account is to first hack into an email account. Email accounts contains a lot of good information and it can be used to reset passwords. Most people hack into other accounts by resetting passwords. Yahoo mail is the easiest email account to hack. I stopped using yahoo mail because people were hacking my emails every week. If you are still using yahoo email accounts with facebook, you will get hacked. Once you have obtained their email account, everything else is a piece of cake.

More steps to follow. Tune in to my website every day for updates on hacking facebook and more

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