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Drudge Report is cashing in for the New Year

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Drudge Report income is growing at a rapid rate. My goal is to make 100 million dollars in 2017. I know all my fans will help me to rich this goal. Without all my fans, we would not have made it this far on the internet. Drudge Report is the greatest website to ever be created. This new and improved website will change the face of media across the globe. My faithful partners are the reason for this successful year. Thanks to all my fans for helping up to achieve greatness.

When I started Drudge Report, I was a broke loser who could not pay all the bills. Times were very hard. I told all my friends that I would start a business and they all laughed at me. They told me that I would not be successful and I could not do it. I decided to fire all of them and I hired only myself. Times were tough when the bills came in. Drudge Report was on its ways to the ground. I could not pay for hosting but somehow, I could make ends meet. I started to do research on SEO and on how to gain traffic from the internet. It was very challenging for me because I could create a website but I could not get any traffic. When I started using my secret SEO tricks, my website traffic exploded. Money was coming in like a flood. It was so much money. It was the best feeling in the world. SEO is my number 1 source of traffic today. Drudge Report would not be as successful as it is today without the help of SEO. Drudge Report incomes has increased since the beginning and I thank all of my wonderful fans.

Drudge Report became a house hold name and everyone knew about it. People would wake up early in the morning to get their java and search the internet for breaking news. With SEO, I could suck my visitors into the Drudge Report website. Millions started to come with friends and the money started rolling in like a hurricane. I felt beautiful on the inside when I saw all that SEO money. I took a lot of the money and invested in other ventures. The internet is a big cash cow and I find it amazing that people will not use it to make money. The internet has changed my life and I am sure that it will do the same for you if you would apply the SEO tactics. Knowledge is the key to running a successful online business. Drudge Report is the face of internet news worldwide.

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