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Donald Trump to buy Nukes for 1 Trillion

Nuclear Weapon

Donald Trump is planning to make America great again. He is working on upgrading the special weapons systems. The price is 1 TRILLION DOLLARS. That is very expensive for a bunch a bomb. It seems like the price Is great for a lot of weapons that will be created to defend the United States against China and Russia. There is nothing wrong with the special weapon system. America needs to create a nuclear magnet that will block foreign ballistic missiles from entering the mainland of the US. Such a great magnet could be used to suck the uranium out of the missiles and block them like Lebron James. America could build the fastest jets and the most sophisticated ships but it will all boil down to protecting the mainland. Russia now has this weapon called SATAN 2. This ballistic missile holds ten rounds of nukes that are ten times as powerful than the bomb that was dropped on Japan. These ten rounds can go anywhere it has entered the airspace of a country. The great white devil wants to use this weapon to destroy America. If the presidents of America do not get their shit together, we may be in a world full of hurt. The destruction would be out of this world. We highly advise Donald Trump to stand down to prevent a great war of destruction. Pride is a very powerful thing and it can be used to destroy nations. Never let pride get in the way of great judgement. Many great kingdoms were destroyed because of pride that caused a lack of judgement. The national debt is on the rise. We must be very careful about the purchase of special weapons. It is not about who has the biggest guns but it is about who has the best that the world can offer.

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