North Korea - The Poorest Country in the World

North Korea: The Poorest Country in the World

North Korea

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The Truth about North Korea part 2

The South Koreans are not ready for an all-out war against North Korea. The North Koreans have nothing to lose. Their military is ready to fight when they are not doing any farming and other hard labor duties assigned by their great leader. North Korea is a very big country with roads full of walking people. The people in North Korea are so poor that they cannot afford vehicles. Some of the North Korean soldiers are so poor that they can only eat two meals a day which consists of fruits and grains. They rich are the only people who can eat meat. The people of North Korea live like royalty in the capital. The North Koreans who live on the countryside are very very poor and homeless. The North Koreans are forbidden to use cameras because their great ruler does not want the world to see their great poverty and lack of sustenance.

Homeless is North Korea

Riding in the North

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