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The Drudge: Modern Liberalism and the Age of Tolerance

Modern Liberalism and the Age of Tolerance

By Mark Perun

Something just is not right with America today. According to a recent Wall Street Journal and NBC News poll, nearly three-quarters of Americans 73 percent believe that our country is headed in the wrong direction. Dissatisfaction with the economy, a dysfunctional political system, and recent events were among reasons that attributed to this sentiment. Surely, these are all reasonable concerns, but there is an underlying problem in America that is significantly larger which many of us aren't even aware of.

The fundamental Judeo-Christian principles and values that made America the greatest, most prosperous country in the world are being undermined right before our eyes. America has gone from a morally healthy, God-fearing country to a secular, liberal world of tolerance corrupted by gross depravity and immorality. We live in a country where sexual perversion is becoming the norm; a country where porn addiction is at an all-time high and infidelity is commonplace. We live in a country where killing babies (aka abortion) is used as form of birth control. We live in a country that thinks legalizing mind-altering drugs will benefit society. We live in a country where an expanded welfare system has created a life of dependency; a system where welfare recipients get more benefits than hard-working individuals earning the minimum wage. We live in a country where our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms is systematically being taken away. We live in a country where freedom of religion and free speech is constantly under attack; a country where anti-discrimination laws are forcing people to go against their religious beliefs and convictions; a country where people are no longer allowed to genuinely express their opinions without being ridiculed, condemned, and even prosecuted in some cases. Welcome to the world of modern liberalism and the age of tolerance.

Make no mistake; The United States of America is undoubtedly heading in the wrong direction because we live in a country where tolerance has become a virtue a consequence largely due to destructive liberal policies and ideologies that continue to permeate and corrupt society. What is worse is that most of us do not even realize it. We've become desensitized to it all; conditioned to believe in the notion that tolerance leads to greater diversity, equality, and change. While this may be true to an extent, tolerance devoid of any moral standards inevitably creates more harm than good. If there is no universal right and wrong to which we adhere, it rules out the possibility of common values, which consequently causes division within a community; a dire situation we are currently facing.

In modern liberal society, tolerance demands that we accept everyone and everything, and it's cultivating an atmosphere of fear, suppression, hostility, and immorality. We live in a distorted world of political correctness- a liberal agenda that attempts to regulate public discourse by defining opposing views as bigoted and illegitimate. Take the issues of Islamophobia or gay marriage, for instance. The moment anyone uses the term Islamic terrorism, liberals immediately label you a racist and a bigot who hates all Muslims (which is absurdly flawed reasoning by the way). Likewise, the moment someone respectfully disagrees with gay marriage, liberals are quick to attack, calling it hate speech. Of course it doesn't end here. Nearly every American institution – universities, corporations, media networks, even churches – is falling under liberal control. Business owners are being sued for their religious beliefs. Employees across the country are prohibited from saying Merry Christmas in the workplace. Teachers are no longer allowed to call students "boys and girls" in the classroom. Students are being suspended from school for sharing their views or expressing their sincere opinions. Why? Because everything nowadays is considered offensive. Instead of discussing these issues in a civilized manner our liberal culture has turned to name-calling and condemnation, shaming those who even slightly deviate from the liberal worldview. It's no wonder our nation has become more polarized under Obama than any other president in recent decades.

America seriously needs to wake up. History has shown that when a civilization becomes morally corrupt, civility is destroyed, the society becomes unstable, the government weakens, and the nation inevitably slides towards collapse. Every great civilization/empire in history has experienced this, and it's safe to say that we are on the same track. What we need now, more than ever, is a proper understanding of moral truth. We need to restore the fundamental Judeo-Christian principles and values that made America the greatest country on Earth. Our nation's fate depends on it. Only then can we hope to maintain a reasonable level of tolerance, and a future of genuine love, civility, freedom, and stability. God bless us all.

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