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Who is Krampus or Santa Claus?

Beauty Queen abused in Restaurant

sexy women photosdomestic violence pictures

This loser walked up to this young lady and punched her in the chops because she was from a different town. No one deserves to be treated like this. These wicked men should be castrated for the way they treat women and dogs. The violence must stop.

Crazy bastard abuse Dog on Train.

dog photos dog abuse

This guy is the scum of the earth. He beat the crap out of an innocent dog on the train. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes because of the violence and the embarrassment that was felt by this young dog. People should learn how to treat their pets when they are in public. Dogs have feelings too and their lives are important.

Activist Beg for Election Recount

Trump and Clinton photos

It is a known fact that America does not want Trump to be the President of the United States. There is nothing that anyone could do to stop Trump from running the country. He has already received intel updates on world leaders and the current state of America. This rotation is set in stone. Mrs. Clinton will need to find a day job and her supporters should just give up because nothing is going to change the fact that Trump will be president. It seems like the whole world is against Trump. Everyone should give him a change to make America Great Again. He has a lot of good plans to improve the economy and bring more jobs to America. Donald Trump may be an arrogant jackass but he may have what it takes to bring the glory back to the United States.

Drudge Report sends hints of More Clinton Scandal

 Clinton photos

Just when you thought Hillary Clinton was done, Drudge Report sends a unique message. Is this the last photo of Clinton on Drudge? What you do think? Drudge Report is looking for more juice and they are just waiting for things to fall into place. Hillary Clinton may be on her way to prison just as Trump promised. He made a very stern promise and now America is waiting to see if he is a man of his word or will he be like President Obama and George Bush. Clinton is sitting in her corner in fear because she knows Judgement day is coming soon for her. Apparently, Clinton did not sacrifice enough kids and chickens because she is not going to be the President of the United States of America. Her witchcraft did not help her in the end. Donald Trump is next to sit in the hot seat of national debt and we will see if he will just print more money and sell nukes to Japan and South Korea.

Rappers react to Donald Trump as President


What will the ELITE do to President Donald Trump?

Weird commercial Time

Congratulations to Donald Trump

President Trump photos

Congratulations on become the 45th President of the United States of America. I wish you the best of luck in managing the National Debt and the nation. People are in a state of shock and the news media is going crazy. Drudge Report did a great job in providing updates during the election. People were Hillary Clinton supporters are highly pissed but they must get over it. Maybe she will become president some day in the future. It would have been a phenomenal to have a woman president but America is just not ready for that transition. Drudge Report will continue to provide updates on the newly selected president and if there is any dirt and scandal, Drudge Report will be sure to provide all the details.

Voters determine the Fate of America

45th President of the United States

Drudge Report declares State of Emergency for America. Voters are going to determine the fate of our country. Drudge Report is focused on this day because we will see who will be the next leader of America. We have two individuals who are the last hope to get America out of the trillion dollar debt. In realty, these two candidates do not give a flying luck about the debt of this country and will do nothing to lower it. Drudge Report is aware of this and knows that there is no hope. Others believe that America will continue to remain in debt and will continue to anger the nations of North Korea, Russia and Iran. We are living in the most incredible time of our lives. This nation will either fall or rise with the help of the next leader. Drudge Report will continue to monitor the progress of the next president. Will there be a new World War or a Nuclear War? Only time will tell

Hillary Clinton claims Donald trump will cause Nuclear War

Trump and Clinton photos

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are going head to head for Office. Clinton claims Donald Trump is not trustworthy enough to be president. Clinton herself is not trustworthy because of all of the lies and deleted emails. Trump is a big con himself but he is honest enough to tell the truth. He states that Hillary is a criminal and belong in prison. He made a promise to the American people to put the Clinton behind bars. Drudge Report is biased towards Clinton because she is full of crap but she is the only candidate who can run the United States based on her work experience and the support of her Husband who happens to be a former Presidents of the United States. He is the work experience to lead her in the right direction. If Hillary becomes the next president, Bill Clinton will become the first First Husband of the United States of America.

Drudge says Hillary Clinton Worships the Devil

Drudge Report claims Hillary Clinton worships the devil. Social media have been going crazy over the last few days. People were posting pictures of Hillary Clinton on twitter spearing blood and semen on walls. People will do anything to become president even if it means sacrificing pets or humans. Drudge Report claims that Hillary participate in rituals involving fermented blood, breast milk and semen to control demons. Hillary Clinton uses these demons to do her dirty work. Drudge report have been keeping tabs on Hillary Clinton for a long time now. Drudge revealed the breaking news of Bill getting his balls sucked in the white house and the list of stories goes on. Hillary Clinton has been on thin ice with the American people. No one can trust her to be President of the United States because of the deception of her past. She told a lot of lies and made a lot of people angry.

The Truth about Ancient Aliens


There have been report of bright lights all over the world. People are reporting strange images moving and shifting in darkness. These creatures are full of great wisdom and insight. They understand how to create weapons of mass destruction and the art of war. They are deceivers and very cunning. These creatures want to take over the world and use human bodies to harvest their own bread of super intelligent creatures. Their leader is planning to become the ruler of the world and the world governments. They will push the new world order and control the planet. These creatures will destroy any human who tries to stop their agenda of mind control. They are creating technology that will control the minds of all humans who will wear their mark. This biological technology will be used to buy and sell products, cross borders, buy medicines, pay rent and more. Those who choose not to wear their technology will have their heads removed from their bodies. These aliens are ruthless and evil. This is a warning to all of mankind.

President Clinton had a lot of relations in White House


Matt Drudge claims that Hillary Clinton is bisexual. She has eaten more vagina than former president Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton is one of the biggest freaks in politics. Bill Clinton was the only person who was caught having oral in the White House but a lot of things went on behind closed doors. The media will only tell you what they know. Gennifer Flowers revealed her 12 year affair with Bill Clinton and states that she would be with Bill Clinton if it was not for their daughter.

Putin is making threats and plans to attack America

Russia map

The big teddy bear Putin is getting his nukes ready for an attack on America soil. He already has his coordinates in place and is just waiting for President Obama to fuk up. The Russians are serious about protecting Syria and their military. A Russian Official made threats against any America jet that will take any action against Syria. The Russians are also preparing for an American nuclear attack. 400 million people participated in the exercise to prepare for a nuclear disaster. While America is focused on keeping up with the Kardashians and Hurricane Matthew, The Russians are preparing for the most sophisticated invasion in the history of war. The American people are sleeping and being distracted by race wars, celebrities and transgender issues. The real issue is the threat of the North Korea, China, Iran, Syria and Russia. They are preparing for war with the United States of America. North Korea is getting their nukes ready, Russia is getting ready for attacks and China is getting their navy ready for war.

Kim Kardashian ROBBED at Gunpoint

Kim Kardashian photos

The Famous Kim Kardashian and her lovely family was set up and robbed at gunpoint in Paris. We have the facts and we know it was a setup. Remember the guy who kissed Kim ass while she was walking. It was a publicity stunt but the real goons were waiting and looking for a weakness. The real question is, where was her bodyguard? Was this revenge from her previous guard that was fired by Kanye West? We want you to know the facts because this was a pure set up. 10 million dollars worth of jewelry was stolen from the Kardashian family. Someone knew about this because it was a wicked plan to embarrass the family. Famous singer and actor Ray J said that he hit it first but this was the biggest hit of all time. Why would the Kardashians carry that much jewelry to Paris? Maybe Kanye West and Bruce Jenner was the only people who were not present. Kanye is millions of dollars in Debt and Bruce is losing his mind. Maybe the key person is the new Kardashian to be? He was always mad at the family for accepting the father of her child and approving of his affair with teenage heartthrob Ms. Jenner. Who is the real thief who held up the Kardashians and who had the intel to hire robbers? The truth is out there and we will find the person who is responsible for stealing 10 millionaire dollars.

Hurricane Matthew Death Toll Increase to 269

Hurricane Matthew

A very dangerous hurricane is headed for Cuba. 700 employees and their families have evacuated Guantanamo Bay. There are no plans set in place to evacuate the terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay. Cuba and Jamaica are getting ready for one of the worst hurricanes in South American history. The hurricane is at Category 4 right now and it is set to increase up to the highest possible. The time to repent is now. Death is coming to Cuba and Jamaica. Flights have been canceled so many will be left to protect themselves and survive the great hurricane.

The Next President will Destroy America


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are going at it like two wet dogs in heat. We have the two worst presidential candidates in world history. I would never vote for any of these guys to run America. They would be the cause of WW3. Donald Trump has a hot temper and Mrs. Clinton is a lying sack of pig crap. If it was up to any American, President Obama would have a third term because that would be the most logical way to run America. If you had to choose today, would you vote for Trump, Clinton or Obama? Just think about it and let that sink in for a moment. If Trump was president, all Mexicans would be sent to Mexico because he believes they are the reason for crime in America. If Clinton becomes president, we would go to war with Iran. If Obama becomes president, nothing will change and the economy will suck even more. America is in the beginning of the Wrath of GOD. California will get hit with one of the largest earthquakes in American History and the lower states are in danger of hurricanes. The next president will anger the world and cause great war. There will be famine worldwide as a result of these wars. Nukes will destroy the balance of life on earth. It will change everything. Nature will never be the same after this nuclear war.

North Korea has BIG Problems

North Korea photos

North Korea have exchanged some threats with the South and the US because of the activities that were going on in many locations. The North has created a super bomb that is capable of destroying the whole world as we know it. The very wise Kim has achieved his long time goal but it is time for the leader to look after his people. They are having a very difficult time and this man of pride is not willing to work with other countries to receive aid that is needed. There are people who are losing their lives in North Korea and the only thing their leader is thinking about is creating a more powerful weapon of mass destruction. Kim has to put his pride to the side and help his people who are in need because that is what a Great Leader would do. If he is not putting forth the extra effort to help his community and his country, he might as well resign and give up his leadership position because he is a punk bitch for being so selfish.

Why Mrs. Clinton is a piece of Crap

president clinton photos

Monica Lewinsky is rolling in her blue dress right now. She would love to be Mrs. Clinton but Hillary beat her to the winning spot. Mrs. Clinton claims that she will do everything in her power to help the middle class and to provide an education of people who cannot afford it. She is lying through her big yellow teeth. Hillary Clinton may be sane enough to be the next president but her integrity was compromised due to all of the lies and deleted emails. Who would trust her to hold to nuclear keys to the world. She could make a decision to nuke any location or country without permission. She could destroy North Korea or any other country within a blink of an eye then lie about it. Clinton and Trump are incapable of becoming the next president. America would rather choose Obama for a third term than the current runners.

The Biggest Cock in the World

trump pictures

Donald Trump and The big sexy Panda, Kim Jong Un are two of the biggest cock in the world. One guy brags about deporting and setting up a wall to block foreigner while the other make threats of nuclear war with the only country that has ever used a nuclear weapon. These guys can really make your skin crawl. Some people should just give up while they are ahead. Donald Trump may be a big cock but he is not a criminal like Mrs. Clinton. This woman deserves to go to a North Korean prison camp. She is responsible for a lot of things and she was not held accountable for her actions. If I had to choose between the biggest cock or a criminal, I would choose the biggest cock in the world.

You can be Successful


People spend their entire lives wishing and hoping to be rich because they believe that riches bring happiness. Riches can make a person happy to a certain extent but it is not the true source of happiness. Being rich is not as hard as it seems. All it takes is believing in yourself to achieve your goals. You have to see yourself rich first before anything ever happens in life. When you see yourself rich, your subconscious mind will begin to lead you on a path of success. You will make decisions based on the wealth and prosperity that is on the inside of you. There are many paths to success and prosperity. Your path may be different from the path of another person but if you keep prosperity on your mind, nothing will be able to stop you from being successful.

Donald Trump wants to make you Rich


Donald Trump wants to make America Rich again. They only ways to make America rich is to bring back slavery in the United States because everyone was working for free and the Business owners were making millions and billions. All of the factories were in America. A lot of businesses that exist today was created with money from Slavery. This country was built on the blood of Native Americans and the Sweat and Tears of black slaves. Donald Trump wants to make this country rich but he never says how he would do it. It is a fact that Donald Trump is all about making his money. How will this guy make America Rich? He will sell all of our nuclear weapons to foreign nations and cause instability in the world and the economy. Mrs. Clinton also cannot be trusted to run our nation. She is a liar and a thief. She wants to put Americans in concentration camps and pledge her allegiance to the Devil himself. Call up your lawyers and get your life insurance in order because Trump and Clinton will destroy the world.

War on American Soil

gun photos

There have been a series of shootings in America. The cops are killing all of the blacks during routine traffic stops and other situations. The so called blacks were armed during the recent shootings. The guy who was pulled over had a gun and told the police. The officer told him not to move then shot the guy. During the other incident, a guy was selling cigs and DVDs to feed his family. A homeless guy asked for some money multiple times and the guy flashed his weapon as a warning to leave. The homeless guy called to report him. That is when things turned sour. The cops showed up with questions. One thing led to another and the big guy was shot by to police. During both incidents the cops felt threated because of the presence of their weapons. Have a license to carry will only make the situation worse if the individual does not cooperate with the police. The only solution is to take away weapons from the citizens and the police. Make firearms completely illegal in the United States of America and there will be no shootings. Anyone who owns or has a gun should automatically receive life in prison. Guns were created to kill people. Life insurance can cover a lot but is it really worth it?

Middle Eastern man blows himself up near the US Consulate in hope of finding his 70 virgins. These ISIS guys are brainwashed into thinking that killing themselves will lead to a huge reward in paradise. The only reward their will receive is life insurance, auto insurance settlements and the lake of fire and brimstone. These guys cannot be this idiotic because no one really wants to kill themselves for sex with 70 virgins. My question is, are they virgin women or virgin cows and donkeys? Someone has to set the record straight and tell these guys that suicide is not the way to go. Once you blow yourself up, how will you be able to have a virgin? Your body parts would be all over the place and there would be no possible way of making love to those virgins. Life insurance companies should be making a killing off of these guys. A married man would blow himself up to receive virgins? That is not right because they are leaving their wives to be with some virgins. These guys have to get it together because the media is making a circus of these middle eastern guys.

Hilary Clinton Shows her true Colors

Hilary Clinton

Hilary Clinton exposed herself as a racist during her younger years. Now she is running for president and have made promises to help blacks. Hilary is a person who cannot be trusted because she is full of lies just like a used car salesman who is trying to persuade you to get a loan and California car insurance so you can purchase a car that will not work. Mrs. Clinton is like a Attorney with degree who will lie in order to win a case involving a DWI. These politicians cannot be trusted to do anything that is morally right. We are surprised that Mrs. Clinton is not in prison for sending those emails. The Government leaders want to sweep her sins under a rug while there are thousands of people in prison for similar crimes. This is not about race or color but this is about doing the right thing and making the right choices. America cannot allow these criminals to run this country like a business. They are full of lies like a car accident attorney and criminal lawyers. We must make America great again and we can start by not voting for these criminals.

Donald Trump wants to profile Muslims

trump pictures

Donald Trump is back at it again with the rhetoric. He wants to profile Muslims to prevent terror attacks in America. Did he forget about the Oklahoma bombing and the church shootings? These guys were not Muslims. Donald Trump could profile all he wants but he cannot save the world. If one group is stopped, other groups will rise up. A lot of terror is now home grown meaning that the terrorist is not coming from other countries but are living here in America today. Terrorist are very evil and they do not care about life or does not value life. People today need to understand the importance of life and living. Life is a gift and it should not be taken away by no man. Until people begin to understand the value of life, nothing will ever change. There will be more killing and death. People will need life insurance and good lawyers that can fight for them and Donald Trump will also need a good lawyers if he racial profile Muslims.

4 Famous Criminal Attorneys


Have you ever noticed that when you see the news and there's some kind of serious offense being talked about, you hear the same attorney’s names mentioned over and over again? It's almost like these attorneys become celebrities in a sense. It can be for any type of crime as a drug offense, a serious criminal offense, or even a simple probation violation.

Why do you think this is? Well these lawyers have built a reputation for being the best at what they do. These lawyers are very expenses and usually only the rich can afford them. Let's take a look at some of the most famous or well known criminal defense attorneys.

Johnnie Cochran

Johnnie Cochran is best known for the role he played in getting off O.J Simpson. This was a very high profile trial and after it was over you heard this name thrown around all over the place. He is not alive anymore, but his firm still survives and it is one of the most prestigious firms in around. The name is often used in the same way Einsteins name is used to represent genius.

Mark Geragos

Mark Geragos is very good at what he does. You hear his name thrown around a lot when it comes to different celebrities. In fact he is known at the lawyer of the stars. He's been involved with cases involving Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. It's the constant media attention that make this lawyer so well known. The free publicity does a lot to make you sought after.

Gloria Allred

You have seen Gloria Allred on television, even if you didn't realize it. This is an attorney that makes it a point to be involved in high profile cases, usually ones that are extremely controversial. You can even see her on television shoes on a frequent basis speaking with random politician and other important people. She's very outspoken and she's not afraid to challenge people.

Shawn Holley Chapman

You can think of Shawn Holley Chapman as a lawyer to the stars. He's defended people like Paris Hilton and the Kardashian sisters. Shawn Holley Chapman worked with other famous defense attorneys on different cases. He's had interviews on several morning shows and you can find a wealth of information about him on the internet.

The reason these attorneys are so famous is because they were willing to put their names on the line in cases that a lot of other defense attorneys wouldn't touch. When you think of the kind of business they are in, reputation means a lot. Some lawyers don not want to be known for defending certain people or taking on cases they know are going to have a large amount of public backlash.

The attorneys mentioned above all took risk and continue to do so in order to build a name for themselves. Once they became well known this made them have to work even harder to protect the reputation they have built. Their able to charge a lot of money for their services. Anyone who works with them also has the benefit of the reputation built by this person.

Famous attorneys didn't get that way by being really good at what they do. They got that way by taking risks, representing people in tough cases, and prevailing. After that they were in demand and continue to be so.

The list mentioned in this article is small. There's several other defense attorneys you can research that are well known. Look for high controversial cases, high profile celebrity cases and any cases involving big name corporations/businesses.

16 Helpful Tips to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

car insurance

It seems like the cost of car insurance premiums is constantly rising! Running a car can be very expensive when you consider the price of gas, the expense of maintaining the vehicle and paying those insurance premiums. Fortunately, there are a number of clever tactics that can be used to obtain the cheapest car insurance premiums possible. This article will go over 16 clever ways to ensure you get the cheapest car insurance premium possible.

Look at the cost insuring the car before you buy it

The smartest time to look at the cost of car insurance is before you actually purchase the vehicle you are interested in. You can visit a number of insurance companies online or use online comparison tools to check how much the car you like will cost to insure. If it is a private sale, you can even use the registration number of the car when getting the quote from the insurance company.

Avoid cars with high performance modifications

Including the cost of any high performance car modifications in the insurance will add to your premiums. So while many modifications can look good, they can be very costly to insure.

Avoid cars that have large engines, turbo or have sports in their name

Any cars that are capable of extreme speeds will cost more to insure because the insurance companies knows those kinds of cars are more likely to be involved in a crash.

Obtain safe driving skills

This one works for young drivers especially — gain some additional qualifications and tell you insurance company. Programs like Pass Plus can give insurance companies some additional certainty that the young driver has basic skills and is less likely to crash.

Use online comparison tools

With the advent of the Internet, comparing policies is incredibly easy. You no longer have to walk to an insurance broker to get a quote, you can get a dozen quotes in 10 minutes via insurance comparison websites.

Be sure they take into account any special circumstances you have or discounts you are eligible for. To obtain the very cheapest insurance it’s usually important to negotiate with your insurance company, so the comparison tools should be considered a ballpark figure.

Check for discounts

Ask your insurance company about every kind of discount they offer. Insurance companies offer many types of discounts including: discounts for retired people, army veterans, single mothers, low income families, for loyal customers and more. Make sure you aren’t missing out on any savings!

Compare renewal costs to new policy costs

Some insurance companies offer fantastic deals to attract new customers, and current customers sometimes miss out. If you spot a deal for new customers that you didn’t receive as an existing customer, simply ring the insurance company. Demand they give you the deal — you will usually find them very apologetic and helpful because they want to retain you as a customer.

Pay yearly, not monthly

You can receive some hefty savings on car insurance premiums by simply paying it annually.

Drive carefully and avoid getting any traffic fines

One of the worst things you can do as a driver looking for cheaper premiums is to get a traffic fine, or worse still a conviction for a traffic offense! Insurance companies will know of any traffic infringements you are involved in, so always drive carefully!

Avoid claiming for small bumps and scratches on your car

If you have a small fender bender that only damages your car, reconsider claiming it. If it is minor damage to your vehicle it might only cost $500 to repair, however if you claim it your excess may be $300, then on top of that your premiums might be higher for the next 5 years. You will lose any no-claim bonus that you had, and you will be paying higher premiums for a few years — Insurance companies don’t forget.

Use multi-car policies

If a number of people in your family are driving, for example your two teenage children have cars, you should look at multi car policies. You could get a better deal if you insure 3 or 4 cars at once.

Drive Less

Some companies offer discounts if you can demonstrate you rarely drive your vehicle and it is garaged in a safe location most of the time.

Pay as you go insurance

Pay as you go insurance uses telematics technology to track your car use and give you cheaper insurance based on that usage pattern. The devices track things like including total miles traveled, speed and trip distance (long trips or short trips). These devices are becoming more complex and are starting to track things like deceleration (braking speed) to evaluate your driving ability. If you are proud of your driving record, you don’t speed and you don’t drive regularly, pay as you go insurance could save you a lot of money.

Increase your excess

The simplest way to obtain cheaper premiums is by increasing your excess, something that can done by emailing or calling your insurance provider.

Do you really need theft coverage?

Some people tend to buy theft coverage or premium insurance for peace of mind. However, if you own an aging car, you should consider the declining replacement cost of the vehicle. Comprehensive insurance may only be a sensible decision for the first 8-10 years of owning a vehicle. If your car is rarely left on the street and usually secure in your locked garage, you should also reconsider comprehensive insurance.

Cut out optional extras from the policy

There may be some optional extras on your insurance policy which the insurance company includes without consulting you. You may be able to remove certain aspects like free hire car rental after car theft, which could save you some money. So there you have it, 16 simple tips to get cheaper car insurance premiums. The key is to demand more from your insurance company, tell them about your specific circumstances and get the best deal possible!

How to buy a nice Home


Second mortgages, or home equity loans, are often used for large home repair expenses that the homeowner may not be prepared for, but they're not limited to use on the home. High medical bills can be a good reason to take out a home equity loan, for instance. Some people use a home equity loan to buy vehicles or expensive equipment or appliances, reasoning that the rate of interest is generally lower than other loans. Since the interest rate is low, a home equity loan sometimes is used to make investments that pay back at a higher rate. That can be a good strategy, but it puts your home at risk.

Using a home for these purposes can be a smart move, but since the money seems easy to get, home equity loans can cause people to overextend their finances without even realizing it.

There are two basic types of home equity loans. One is a "HELOC" or Home Equity Line of Credit, which is an open end type of account where the home owner can withdraw or borrow money up to a certain amount over a set period of time. The interest rate is most often variable. The other home equity loan is a closed end loan which is given in a lump sum, nearly always with a fixed interest rate. The closed end loan is far less common than a HELOC anymore, but some banks still offer them.

No matter how a home equity loan is defined, either one is a second mortgage, and both are usually for a shorter term than the first mortgage. It uses the home itself as collateral for the loan and that causes a loss of equity as well as the possibility of causing the owner to default and even lose the home. Since this type of loan can often be for 80% or more of the value of the home, it could become a major financial disaster in a homeowner's life.

A HELOC usually has 10 year draw period, when the borrower can use the funds any way he wants to. At the end of the draw period, the balance must be repaid and there are no more draws allowed on it. This period of repayment is usually set at 15 years, with either a fixed or variable interest rate.

Before the lender makes a decision as to whether to loan the money, there will be an appraisal of some kind, whether it's done by a professional appraiser or taken from government records. If it's done by an appraiser, the owner will usually pay the fee. A house that looks nice will garner a better home equity loan because it will show that the owner takes pride in the home and takes good care of it. The lending institution doesn't want the possibility of winding up with a home that's shabby, dirty and in ill repair and someone who shows responsibility in the upkeep of a home will more often show responsibility in the repayment of a loan.

A very good to excellent credit score is necessary to qualify for either of the home equity loans. Giving the loan is a business transaction for the lender, which means that they don't want to possess the home; they want the money loaned to be paid back to them.

Some lenders will require Title Insurance while some will not. While Title Insurance is a good thing, a home must have it on the first mortgage, so having it on a second mortgage is sometimes thought of as an unnecessary expense.

When a home owner decides to take out a home equity loan, it should be well thought out in advance. Having a plan for the funds rather than frittering them away will help to ensure that the loan is kept under control and that the home won't be in danger of being lost.


Romans 10:9
if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Pray this prayer: I admit that I am a sinner. I ask you to forgive me. I believe that you died for my sins. From this day forward, help me to live every day. AMEN

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