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Government Shutdown

government shutdown

US closer to Nuclear War

nuclear war

The US is getting closer and closer to nuclear war with North Korea and other countries. America was always a country of war. It was founded on the blood of the Native Americans. Christopher Columbus came to this place while traveling and discovered people living normal lives. He befriended the Native Americans to gain their trust before the invasion. Millions of Native Americans were tortured and brutally killed. After those events, the country was founded by the founding fathers and laws were set in place for the citizens of the country. Now America is one of the strongest countries in the world. America is regulating the whole entire world with sanctions with the help of the United Nations. They are in the process of starting a one world government. The problem is people from other nations do not agree with the American way of life and the customs of the US.

The North Koreans hate the American way of life and their leader hates being told what to do. The North Korean king is full of pride and does not like to take orders from any American president. They want to make as many nuclear weapons as possible to protect themselves against the United States. The King of North Korea fears that the US president may attack. The North has prepared with nuclear weapons capable of hitting the mainland of the US. President Trump does not understand the risk associated with war against the North Koreans. North Korea may be a small country but they have a lot of fire power and soldiers hidden in South America who are on stand by to release their nuclear surprise. The US President has a responsibility to protect the American people and he cannot do that by starting war. There are countries who have nuclear weapons but the US is not giving them orders to stop their nuclear program. Russia and China are countries with hundreds and even thousands of nuclear warheads and they are also pointed at the US. The United States must become a country of peace. Peace should be the only option.

North Korea and South Korea Join Together

Olympics 2018

North Korea and South Korea will join together under one flag for the 2008 olympics. This is great news for the two countries. They are moving towards a peaceful resolution to their problems. North Korea and South Korea have been at war for years. They have been fighting in a warm status and both sides were preparing for a battle. The some of the South Koreans will train in North Korea for the Olympics. The leaders of the 2 countries have been talking without the President of the United States. The North Korean leader told the media, he has nukes pointed at the United States and not South Korea. Tension between North Korea and The US has increased as President Trump increased a bombing presence in the region a few days ago.

Animal killed because of Bad Parenting?

Gorilla killed at zoo

I know you all have heard the story of the little boy who fell into the gorilla pit at the zoo. I will give you a little background on the story. The boy told his mom that he wanted to play with the gorilla inside of the pit. The mom told the boy repeatedly that he was not going to play with the gorilla. The young boy managed to sneak away from his mother and fell into the gorilla pit. The young innocent child suffered minor injuries but that is nothing compared to what that innocent gorilla suffered. The parents may decide to see a personal injury lawyer to help pay for the personal injury of the child. The parents may also seek an attorney due to criminal charges from the zoo. The parents lack of parenting cause the death of the innocent gorilla and this will have an impact on the finances of the zoo. Moral of the story is to make sure you watch your kids and keep them from making bad decisions in life.

Gawker is going broke

Gawker is running out of money because of the Hogan Issue. They invaded his privacy and now they are poor and busted. Pay Pal CEO hired a team of lawyers to help Hogan because he has an issue with Gawker. The Gawker crew put his personal business in the streets and told the world about his sexual orientation which is not true. Gawker is getting their balls busted so bad that they may sell their company. We kind of feel sorry for Gawker because they were making so much money. The moral of the story is to never invade the privacy of others without their permission because you could end up broke like Gawker.

Where is Matt Drudge?

Matt Drudge

Matt Drudge has been hiding from the media and keeping a safe distance from the world. The multimedia guru is making close to 1 million dollars a month. When you are making 1 million dollars a month, it is easy to hide from the world and just collect money from the internet.Drudge will never need credit or loans because he has a lot of money. If This guy Drudge is living in a multimillion dollar home which is currently paid off.He does not have a mortgage because he is rich. Drudge only pays gas, electricity and insurance. Matt Drudge has no debt and he spends most of his time relaxing and living a stress free life while others are working hard for a living and to make their monthly payments. Many want to know the keys to his success as an internet blogger. The keys to success is knowing what people want. Once you figure out how to provide people with a good service or product, stick to it and never change your formula.

Donald Trump Vs North Korea

The self-proclaimed King of Debt Donald Trump wants to have a special talk with the Big Sexy Panda, Kim Jong Un about his nuclear weapons. Mr. Trump says he is willing to travel to North Korea to visit the Big Sexy Panda. Now wait a minute. This guy Donald Trump will put his life on the line to talk about Nukes. This could go two ways. Donald Trump and lil Kim could become best friends or worst enemies. If his visit to North Korea backfires, Trump would be in an underground prison doing hard labor such as working in coal mines or digging for precious metals. Donald Trump should stick to his day job and leave politics alone. He is already worth 10 Billion dollars so what is the point of being president and destroying America?

China is preparing for End of World Currency with Gold and Oil


China is buying all of the Gold from different regions of the world along with American oil fields. The Chinese are preparing for economic hardship because they know that the American dollar will not survive Donald Trump as President. China has purchased a significant amount of land in America. If these presidents continue to let the Chinese purchase our goods, the US will become the United States of China. Congress is playing a dirty game when it comes to the money of the American people. America is using a lot of loans and buying oil with bad credit. With all of the money that is being printed, America should be the richest country in the world. America is in debt to the Saudi Arabians and many other countries. What is the solution to strengthen the American dollar? No president of future president can answer that question. So why do we need a president? I can run American and I can be the king of this country. I can rebuild the economy and make gold the currency of the American people. The federal reserve is doing a horrible job and robbing the people of our land. People spend hours working for a piece of paper that has no value to the world and other nations. It is only a matter of time before the world stocks crash and people will sell their bodies for water and food.

Donald Trump is back at it again with the nonsense. The King of Debt states that he could change the economy and make America Great Again. Trump says that US will never default because you print more money.This guy had so many loans in his life and it will not be a problem for him to take more loans for America. He will run this country into a hole of debt so large that no one will be able to help the US. His solution to solving the debt of America is to print more money. He will be no different from any other president we have had in the past. America will remain in debt because of these presidents who do not care about the people or the nation. Their solution to debt is to print more money. You might as well vote for Kim Kardashian to be president because we are running out of options here. The American people will have to choose from a group of airheads.

North Korea wants to be your FRIENDS

north korea

North Korea is really doing big things. They are testing out their busted nukes and building an economic powerhouse. The Great and Fearless Leader does not want to use nukes against anyone. He just want to have respect from the world. North Korea will never attack the south because they need that South Korean Money. The Economy in South Korea is booming and people are rich. The North would like to join forces under one condition. The North Korean Big Sexy Panda wants to rule South Korea and be the KING. This will only happen in his dreams.

Donald Trump is your next President

Donald Trump is beating all of his rivals and Mrs. Clinton is on her way to prison for all of her war crimes. She will need the best criminal lawyer. Trump can only beat Clinton if she is somehow removed from the race. The illuminati are on the side of Donald Trump so they will figure out a way to make him become the next president. The celebrity Donald Trump who is unqualified to be president has fired a lot of employees in the past through his TV shows. When he becomes president, will he fire all the members of congress and the supreme court? Donald Trump should fire them because they are the reason why this country is messed up today. We need a whole new political structure to push this country in the right direction. If the North Koreans decide to nuke America using a nuclear submarine before the election, President Obama will have to remain as president until the crisis is over.

North Korea to test 5th Nuclear Weapon

North Korea

Kim Jung Un AKA the big sexy panda bear is ready to prove himself to the world. He is ready to test his next nuclear weapon. The US is kind of worried after their last test. The big guy is ready to prove to the world that he can successfully run a country and fill the shoes of his father. South Korea and many nations are against the big sexy panda because he is unpredictable just like his grandfather. We have reason to believe that lil Kim is a good guy on the inside but he just wants to feel appreciated and accepted by other nations. There is a sensitive teddy bear on the inside of the North Korean ruler. If Dennis Rodman can go to North Korea without becoming a slave and doing hard labor, there is hope for others. The big sexy panda just wants to have some friends. He is not that bad of a person. Little Kim just want some attention. He do not mean to give us the wrong impression, he just want some love and affection.

Wealthy Chinese buys Land for their Children in America

Chinese Millionaires

The wealthy and powerful Chinese have been buying land in America is a rapid rate. They are sending their children here to attend college to get master degrees to become personal injury lawyers, attorneys, doctors and CEOs. Arcadia, California is one of the places where they purchase homes. Chinese billionaires buy homes and exotic cars for their children because it is the lifestyle they are used to living. Why are they doing this in America? I will tell you why Chinese elite are doing this. Their children could be potential spies from the Chinese government sent on missions to gather intelligence of the west cost for a potential attack on American soil. These Chinese sleeper agents are up to no good and they are out get you. America is the land of dreams and the melting pot of the world. Everyone wants to send their children to America to receive education but what is wrong with education in other parts of the world? NOTHING AT ALL. The Chinese elite are strategically placing their super spies on the west coast of America to usher in the most sophisticated invasion in the history of mankind. They are looking for areas of vulnerability because it is how these people operate.

New Face on $20 Bills

New $20 bills

There have been reports of a new face on the 20 dollar bill. That face is Harriet Tubman. She will be replacing the Great Slave Master Andrew Jackson. This is considered an honor and great victory by the black community but what about the Native Americans? They were invaded by the Europeans. They were skinned alive and destroyed with the diseases of the European countries. What about the Mexicans. They risked their lives to cross the ocean on boats to enjoy life in America. All races should be on the American dollar because America is the melting pot of the world. Ben Carson suggested having Harriet Tubman face on a 2 dollar bill as a way to honor her. This guy is a loser and this is why he is no longer running for president.

Donald "You are FIRED" Chump vs HELLary "I did not do it" Clinton

trump vs clinton

Trump and Clinton are back at it again with the lies and deception. They are going to war over the position for President but are they fit to be a President of the United States? Mrs. Clinton is a deceiver and she deserves to be in prison for all of her lies. She will need criminal defense attorneys for all of her dirty crimes. She lied about everything and now we see why Mr. President Clinton cheated on her with a woman in the blue dress. Donald Trump is the tycoon and he gets paid to tell lies. He is in a position of power which requires him to be a jerk for money. This guy is an icon to a lot of people. Donald Trump lives like a king but he is very unpredictable. This guy was criticized by North Korea for his plan to arm Japan and South Korea with Nukes. Now this will give the North Koreans the right to buy nukes from China. We do not want North Korea to have a fully function Nuke because they might test it and destroy their own country. Trump and Clinton will have this battle to the end because none of the other Presidential candidates are worth their weight in gold. Trump and Clinton has an advantage over the others. Donald Trump is already very wealthy and does not need to be President for the money. He just wants to have more bragging rights. Mrs. Clinton was married to a president so she understands a little more about running a country. She is the smart version of Sarah Palin. Would you choose Sarah Palin over Mrs. Clinton? I would have to think very hard about this because they are some of the craziest women in America. I firmly believe that Donald Trump will be president and improve the economy of America. He will also cause World War 3 by talking trash to China and Russia. He will change history. Donald Trump will make America great again but he will ruffle a few feathers in the process.

Zika Virus Outbreaks in the near Future?

We are getting closer and closer to the summer and the Zika virus is waiting to attack its victims. The terrible virus is carried by tiny insects called mosquitos. The virus is the main cause for birth defects in young children and babies. Well that may not be the only reason for some of the birth. Some of the birth defects are caused by horrible living conditions of South America. The people of the strange lands often drink water containing human waste and waste material from manufacturing plants. The people of South America are in great danger from the virus and the only way to protect them is to keep the environment clean and free of waste. Another factor would be insanitary conditions. The people will need clean water to take showers and clean their homes. Bathing in waste is the number one cause of contamination and the spread of diseases. Some say that the Zika virus was created in laboratories to use as a biological weapon against the enemies of America. This may be a myth because there are no scientists creating viruses in that part of the world. The only thing that is created in South America is cocaine and marijuana which is transported to America and sold in the urban communities and wealthy neighborhoods.

Terror in France

france paris terror

Terrorism is on the rise in France. It seems like ISIS has declared war against France. The Brussels bombers planned New France attack. The real question is how they got to this region of the world. Do you remember when all of the refuges left Syria and migrated to all of France and other countries? They are there because of what happened in Syria. A lot of ISIS members are making plans to destroy Europe because of their beliefs. These countries welcomed them and now they are using kindness as a weakness. This is why Donald Trump wants to kick Muslims out of America. It is a fact that some are just a few bad apples from a big tree and those bad apples are causing havoc. Is it fair to treat all Muslims as extremist? Well is it fair to treat all blacks as thugs? Is it fair to treat all cops as Kul Klux Clan members? That question can only be answered by the American people. When you come over to another country and blow things out of proportion, you will be viewed as you are viewed. Blacks came to America on ships and they believe that they deserve a hand out. They believe that whites should give them all of the money that the slave masters kept. We are living in the now and not the past. Blacks should stop blaming whites and receive all that belongs to them. Blacks should stop with the self-pity and start to rise above all of the negative thinking and stereotypes that keep them mentally enslaved. Terror groups are forming all over the world in the name of religion. Why would you follow a religion that will cause you to hate and kill? Why allow yourself to be deceived into killing another human so you can receive 70 virgins and unlimited wealth? The evil one will have you guys burning in lakes of supernatural destruction. Muslims should stop being so self-righteous and start loving because every person alive has the same color of blood. We are all the same on the inside. France is going through all of the destruction because of what they did to Africa. It is called sowing and reaping. A country that does not apologize for their wickedness will experience karma on a supernatural level unknown to man. A country that is built on blood and death will experience the wickedness that they have provided. Native Americans deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Blacks deserve to be treated with love and kindness.

Stock Market Crash

Many so called experts are predicting a stock market crash. This crash is going to destroy the American dollar and cause people to lose their minds. The only thing that would cause this type of stock market crash would be a nuclear attack or the so called Ebola virus outbreak on American soil. People are gearing up for this spectacular event. Some are buying canned food and others are purchasing bottles of water. We all know what happened to flint drinking water. Can you imagine what would happen if all of the water in American so like the water of Flint, Michigan? People would absolutely lose marbles. I want to want the American president to keep a close eye of Iran and the Middle Eastern countries because they really want to wipe their behinds with the American people. They want to destroy this great country because of their beliefs and customs. I urge all Americans to keep their stocks and investments during the hard times. When people walk in fear, the stock market drops and I lose money so keep your stocks. I want to get paid and I want the American people to get paid as well.

Are humans being cloned today?

human clones

Hollywood make moves about cloning and aliens from other planets and some people think it is a myth. There are animals being cloned to make a profit for food in America. People are eating successfully cloned chicken at their favorite restaurants and are unaware of the health benefits. Cloned food has harmful cancer causing pathogens that will attack of your healthy cells and DNA. Once biotech companies and scientist have become sufficient at cloning food, they will move on the cloning people. Cloning is taking DNA from a missing or deceased person and using it with stem cells to create a new human. Cloned DNA can be added to a woman to produce an offspring with similar genes. Cloning can bring past rulers back to life. There are a lot of people without fathers in their lives and these people could be a result of a scientific cloning experiment. DNA can be taken from mummified bodies and fossils to create a clone. Think of all of the great rulers who have died in Egypt and all of the giants found all over the Earth. DNA could be stolen from their bodies to create humans. There are some people alive today who experiment babies.

ISIS wants your Nuclear Weapons

ISIS has been gaining popularity over the last few years through the news and social media. These cockrubbing dirt bags have been causing terror all over the world and they have their eyes on getting nuclear weapons. It seems like ISIS and the North Koreans want to get nukes so bad and they are going through extra measures to get what they desire. ISIS is responsible for a lot of rouge attacks in America and Europe. These dirty head chopping animals are trying to take over the world just like The Japanese during WWII but they were nuked by the Americans. Will America use Nuclear weapons to destroy ISIS? They will of Donald Trump become president. He wants to deport all Muslims from America and make America Great Again. Donald Trump need to get his wig fixed if he thinks America is not already a great country. Go back to Europe you bum.

Obama vs Trump

Obama had a few words to say about Donald Trump and his views on the nuclear program. Trump wants to give nukes to Japan and South Korea and charge them for protection. Everyone in North Korea will need life insurance because of this bum. Are you trying to be the president or a Mafia Boss? This guy Donald Trump is not fit to be a president and he should stick to his day job. Go back to your fancy lifestyle and go back to reality TV because this is real life. Donald Trump is going to get a lot of people killed if he becomes The President. He wants to suck the world dry of its wealthy. He wants the wealth of other nations in exchange for protection. Donald Trump want to sell nukes to people that should not have them.

Big Kim Jung Un and the H Bomb

kim jung un

According to sources, Chunky Monkey Kim Jung Un has finally created a successful weapon of mass destruction. It is about time this guy did something right. Big Kim has the whole world in a frenzy and now people will take him serious about threats. This guy wants to be God. He want people to worship him and kiss his big fat ass. He need to burn some calories first before thinking about burning people. This guy is a fraud and a waste of human space on earth with his rhetoric and threats. He has no clue what the United Nations will do to him. On the other hand, why should he have to comply with the rules of the United Nations? He feel that he should be able to have nuclear weapons too. Big Kim just want to make a name for himself and he does not want to follow in the footsteps of his father and crazy grandfather who tried to attack South Korea in the 50s which is not too long ago. Governments and world leaders should keep a close eye on Big Kim because he is hungry for Power and Respect. This guy is just HUNGRY.

Donald Trump is Crazyyyyy

The whole nation is obsessed with gun control. People was killing each other before guns every existed. The only problem is that guns kill people faster than any other weapon. Well maybe nukes are worse than guns but people are not being blown up every day by nukes. The punks who are running for president are making false promises that they cannot keep. You have Donald Skunk who is promising a death penalty for anyone who kills a police officer. You will run into a lot of problems because there are cops who are raping and killing people for no reason. What happens if you kill a cop in self-defense? That goofy trump is not thinking about the whole pictures. He is quick to blame other people for their mistakes. If Donald Skunk was in their shoes, he would make the same mistakes. This guy is a big joke and I hope he does not become president. If you vote for Donald Trump, you might as well move to Canada because he is going to single handily destroy the economy and cause a civil war.

Mrs Steph Curry is putting hoes in their place.

Mr. Curry have a wife with morals and self-respect. Just keep her and do not leave her for a broke another woman. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have one thing in common, the both married broke white women. Keep your wife and enjoy life with her because these hoes aint loyal.

Help Stop Organ Harvesting and Human Trafficking

People are coming up missing along with their organs. Families will need life insurance and good lawyers that will seek justice. We are living in evil times and men are doing wicked things for money and fame. They are kidnaping teens and harvesting their organs for thousands of dollars. When people sell drugs for the cartels, they will make your life a living hell if you do not pay up the money that you owe. They will take your life and sell your organs. ISIS is all about the black market life. They are not just chopping off heads over there. They are making money off of the organs of their victims. ISIS will find any ways possible to make money to support their evil organizations. The hearts of men are growing cold each day. It is our responsibility to protect our loved ones and keep them safe from the wicked people who are stealing organs. When a person dies, what happens to their organs? They are sold to the highest bidder just like an aborted fetus. Wake up people because they are stilling babies and kids for their brain cells and stem cells. They are taking the brightest and healthy teens from high school because they have the healthiest organs. People are dropping like flies and wicked men will do anything to make a profit even from the death of another person. Be careful when going to foreign countries like Paris, Mexico, Dubai, China, Russia and Brazil. They will sell your body like a pimp fresh out of prison. When your eyes are open, you will see the light and you will see wickedness for what it really is. You will see the wicked companies who are funding death and destruction.

Black Friday Fights

black friday

The Love of money is the root of all evil. These people lost their minds fighting over material things such as punk ass TVs and Microwaves. These same people have this stuff at their homes and this type of behavior is just sad. I wonder how people will act when the economic system crash and there is no food or water. People will die for a piece of molded bread. They act as if they are in survival mode like wild animals. The little black kid was holding a crock pot and the Caucasian adult snatched it right out of the child hands. The mother of the child had two crock pots in her hand. People are just too greedy disrespectful. Black Friday is a bullshit holiday and event. Billions of dollars was made during the black Friday sales and none of it will go towards the education of your children and making this world a better place. All of the money will end up in the hands of greedy corporations and companies. If you want to do something position, give us a donation to help us spread the truth and change lives. Help us make this world a better place for your children


Selling your Soul to the Devil for Money and Fame

When you turn on the television, you see your favorite recording artist singing in the music videos and making movies. They start from the bottom and receive overnight success from the most lame and trashy song in the world. These people have sold their souls to the devil for fame. What you do not understand is that they sign their name in blood. The evil spirit comes to them with an offer and they will have to make a choice. When you choose to work for the Devil, your whole life will change in a matter of minutes. You will being to see the money and fame but some of your closest relatives will begin to die. Every person who has ever made a deal with the devil lost someone they love when the money start pouring in. Next you will see all the fame but demons will start to possess you and run your life. They will fly inside of you while you are making music, movies, doing speeches and working. They will control you lyrics. This is why so many artist sing or rap about sex, drugs and evil. The music will impact the listerners and the movies will cause you to think about doing evil. The devil will use the artist and movie stars to lead people to hell. The fans will become followers and they will worship and bow down to the artist. After the blood contract with the devil expires, the life of the famous person will fall apart. They will begin to see demons and devils. They will have visions of their death just like 2pac and biggie. They may even speak of visions in their music or on interviews. Then all of a sudden, they are dead on the news. They die in the most horrific way then their soul is sent to the devil as part of the blood contract. The devil welcomes them to hell and sends his strongest demons to torment that person with fire and spears. They burn but the fire never stops and the pain is 100 times stronger that pain in the body. People think that fire cannot burn a soul/spirit but the fire of hell is a supernatural fire. It is a spiritual fire. Everything that you see in this world comes from the spirit. Hell is real and if you think you want to sell your soul to the devil like Dr. Dre and Katy Perry, think again. The money and fame will not last forever but hell will.

Things women do for Fame and Fortune

I spend so much time on social media helping women to overcome the hoe lifestyle. I use my special formula of insults and disrespect to motivate women to do the right thing in life. I call it tough love. I find it very hard to respect some women because of the way they live. They spend so much time taking provocative pictures on Instagram for likes and followers. One they have achieved their number of requested followers; the same women get boob jobs and liposuction. Now they are Fitness Gurus and they are taking pictures holding skinny teas. I do not understand the logic. You want not taking pictures with skinny teas before the plastic surgery. I get angry when I see pictures of half-naked women on my Instagram feeds. The internet should have a dress code for these people. They hashtag fitness and they are dressed have naked. Why would you take a picture in the gym with booty shorts on with a sports bra? This is setting a bad example for our young ladies. Teach young women that they can become successful without posing nude for like on social media. Women you have to stop making twerking videos because the trend is over and it is time to grow up and work for a living. It was eve in the Garden of Eden now it is women on Instagram. They doing things for that snake.

UFO- Beings of Light bring Death

A man will come to Earth and bring great destruction. The portal to the afterlife will open and people will fall into the pit of famine and destruction.

The Unification of the American Citizens will produce great Wealth and Prosperity

Unity is important and it is very powerful. We are living in a world where people are divided by religion, race, customs and financial status. In order for America to become a greater nation than in the past, we must come together in unity to focus on the problems facing our country. The government is so focus on problems in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria but we need to focus on America. Those countries have a lot of oil and other resources but America Leaders should focus on our own resources and technology. No matter who runs for president, they will always promise to help the America people and promise all of these great things. The truth is that each president has their own hidden agenda and they will focus on OTHER COUNTRIES more than they will focus on the country under their responsibility which is America. We cannot rely on such leaders to bring great prosperity, health and success to America. We the people are the source of Wealth. Stop depending on the government to provide jobs, security and healthcare and start depending on yourself and your abilities. Americans, we must stop looking for jobs and start creating them. The internet is a great tool for business and it is great to drive the wealth and business of one country to America. Think outside of your normal ways of thinking to succeed in this world. Big corporations will only pay you the minimum wage possible because of their greed and hunger for money. It is time for the people of America to rise up and create more corporations, businesses and jobs. It is time for use to invest in things that matters like people, minds and society. We cannot rely on the stock market because it is based on the wealth of other countries but we can invest in land, gold and other natural resources. China is buying up all of the land and soon they will own America. We will be called the United States of China if the Americans do not rise up and create wealth. China and Russia are becoming the stronger because of their business savvy thinking. China is buying up all of the world’s gold. If the world economic systems collapse, China will be the most prosperous country in the world because they have all of the gold and the citizens of China wear pure gold as jewelry. They do not wear that 10k and 14k gold bullshit. They know the true power of wealth and gold. They choose not to rely on the Federal Reserve and the notes that are not worth a dime. People of America should invest in pure gold and silver because the economy will soon collapse. Rise up America and create wealth. Let us drive the gold of the World back to America. The Oil is not worth more than Gold. There is nothing in the Middle East but sand and violence. Send the troops home and focus on building a better society for our youth. Let us focus on building a stronger fight force to take on the threats of the world.

Slaves in North Korea

North Korea

North Korea is making a lot of money off of the work of slaves. The laborers are made to work as long as 20 hours a day without enough food and under constant surveillance, according to Marzuki Darusman. Little Kim is treating his people like shit while he is sitting on his big ass and eating up all of the food. His parents never taught him how to love and how to share. This is the problem with the world that we are living in. People are so selfish and they only care about themselves. The whole world is full of billionaires. They could help out by giving some of their wealth to help the poor and the economy in certain countries but they just sit back and enjoy life while the others suffer. Little Kim should be ashamed of himself. The judgement of God will come to Kim if he don’t change his wicked ways. You have prevented bibles in your country and you persecute the follower of the Most High. That HEART ATTACK will come sooner than expected and your health will dry up like the Euphrates River. If you do not change your ways, you will become a memory and your enemies will rule over your country. Your armies and government will hate you and turn against you. The Lord has given you time to repent and change your ways but your time is running out.

China is ready for WAR. The War Prophecy on Oct 28, 2015


“On Tuesday, China said it warned and tracked the U.S.S. Lassen, a destroyer, as it came close to five of its artificial islands in the South China Sea's contested waters”. China is more angry than ever. They own most of the farmland and oil fields in American. Now they own the China sea, these greedy bastards. Now America is faced with a debt worth trillions of dollars and to top that off, we are pissing off the Chinese government. We are closer to world war 3 than ever with countries teaming up to attack America. The Chinese will never forget what happened in Hiroshima so they are preparing along with The Russians and North Koreans. Russian jets are flying into U.S. airspace, china is sending ships to California and the North Koreas are inactive in South America training for what will be the greatest war in history. It will be so much destruction and death that the pope and a world leader will have to bring peace. This war will destroy the mainland of America and the U.S. government. The United Nations will rule and control what is left after the Nuclear Blasts. There will be more than one nuclear blast. Many will be taken as slaves and that means no more shopping, texting or Starbucks. That’s is when the United Nations will start putting microchips into people and controlling their brains and thoughts. Man will be like zombies but they will be controlled like video games. There will be many slaves in the future and they will dress dirty with cutoff shirts and torn jeans like Kanye West.Kanye is sending a message with his clothing line and no one gets it. He knows that slavery will repeat itself. Whites will become slaves to the Beast and His Mark just as the blacks were slaves during the 1600s-1800s and the Jews during rule of Hitler. The whole world will become slaves. Some will suffer for not getting the microchip and others will be controlled by the microchip. We have a bright future ahead of us and I mean that literally. It is time to get prepared.

Drunk Driver Adacia Chambers faces murder charges

Driver Adacia Chambers faces murder charges in Oklahoma State crash. She will be spending the rest of her life in JAIL. Thanks to all of those shots of jack. She will need a car accident lawyer or a DWI lawyer to get her out of this drama. She will also need recovery classes and rehab for her alcohol addiction. First you run over a cop cycle and then you hit 4 people in the process. This is the reason why you should never drink and drive. It will cause a lot of pain to the people that were hit and it will destroy the hearts of their loved ones and family. Drinking will impair your ability to drive. Adacia Chambers is being held in jail on four counts of second-degree murder for Saturday's deadly crash, which killed four people and injured dozens more. She had a bright future but she wanted to get wasted and drive. Now people are dead and families are sad. LESSON LEARNED- Never Drink and Drive.

Storms and Earthquakes are going to Destroy America

America is about to face natural disasters like never before. We are living is perilous times and it is time for everyone to get their lives and family in order. It is time to stop running the streets and being a hoe. It is time to stop treating people like trash and a piece of meat. It is time for America to stand up for what is right and do the right thing. The bowls of wrath and destruction is full and prepared for the wicked. People think I am talking bullshit but this is real. The wrath is real and it is coming. Get right and stop keeping up with the Kardashian because they cannot save you.

Strong a$$ Hurricanes are coming

Historically strong Hurricane Patricia -- with 200-mph winds -- menaces Mexico. It time for people to prepare because most of the Hurricanes always end up on America soil. Hide your kids and hide your wives

Pope May have CANCER

The Vatican is denying as "completely unfounded" a report in an Italian newspaper that Pope Francis has a small, curable brain tumor. The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said the report Wednesday in the National Daily was "completely unfounded and seriously irresponsible and not worthy of attention." Citing unnamed nursing sources, the National Daily said the 78-year-old pope had traveled by helicopter to the San Rossore di Barbaricina clinic near Pisa in recent months to see a Japanese brain cancer specialist, Dr. Takanori Fukishima. If this pope dies, that will leave the world open to the DARK POPE. The Mark of the Beast type of Pope will destroy the world. This guy will speak lies and deceive the world with the help of the Devil. This pope will be a false prophet and will assist the Beast with the New Order. All will be required to receive a mark in their hands and foreheads. This is not a joke but a warning to everyone to be prepared.

Reparations for Slavery and Genocide in America

Special Report

The Government and Congress has spent billions on weapons, abortion and other things. America I currently has a trillion dollar debt. NOT ONE CENT WAS SPENT ON REPARATIONS FOR SLAVERY. We have a half-black president who refuses the address this issue because it is not important to him. We have millions of blacks living in poverty and they cannot get any jobs because of lack of educations. Education should be free for African Americans because of slavery. College should be free for all blacks in America. There is no excuse to avoid giving back to the men and women who have helped to build this country. This country was built on the BLOOD of NATIVE AMERICANS and the blood, sweat and tears of the Black Hebrews that were taken from their land. Native Americans and Blacks should be the wealthiest people in America but they are the poorest people in America as a whole. The President is fighting for the rights of homosexuals but no the rights of the innocent Native Americans or the poor black communities. The president promised change and we are seeing changes in the definition of marriage and changes in job security. It is time for Blacks and Indians to receive what belongs to them. It is time to stop hording money and pay debts. It is time to stop funding abortions clinics with tax payer money and start reparations for African American slavery and stealing the land from the Native Americans. Stop being greedy and give to the needy. America must become a great nation again. We cannot become great if we are using funds and our military to build other countries. It is time to build our country and give back to our own citizens.

How Slavery all started with Black Hebrews "heebos"

The Curse of the Law

President Obama keep troops in Afghanistan- 1 Trillion Dollars in Minerals


Mr. President Obama decided to keep US Troops in Afghanistan to assist with efforts. The US was sent there to find Osama Bin Laden and he was killed years ago. What is the real reason why the president wants to keep the US military in Afghanistan? Well let’s be honest here. Afghanistan sits on 1 TRILLION dollars in minerals alone. We are not talking about oil and opium poppy plants. Can you imagine how this could have a positive impact on the American economy? Transporting all of those Afghanistan minerals to the US is possible when they are in need of help and protection form crazy bomb wearing thugs. Leave these people alone Pharaoh Obama,Send the troops home.let my people GOOOOOOOO

Lamar Odom fights for his Life while THE MEDIA is keeping up with the Kardashians

It’s a damn shame that the wack a$$ media is writing stories about Odom and they keep bringing up the Kardashian . America is tired of these tired hoes. Let’s talk about Mr. Odom and his accomplishments. The media is bashing this man while he is down and that is not right at all. Now we understand that Odom is a drug addict/crackhead but that is no reason to bash this man. People make mistakes every day but the media is in no position to judge this man and his mistakes. People want to pray for Lamar now but you should have been praying for him while he was smoking crack. You should have prayed for him when his best friend died. We as people should not wait until a person is in a fu%ked situation to start caring and loving. We should always love and care for people even when they are healthy. The media is wrong for their stories. They should all be fired, every single news reporter. Lamar has a family. Do you know how his children feel right now? It hurts and we should keep that in consideration. Everyone has a crackhead in their family. We should love them and not judge them.

Supreme Court wickedness – The Destruction and Wrath of Elohim

white house

Everyone is so busy keeping up with the Kardashian when they should really be keeping up with the SUPREME COURT. These educated goons have been passing laws behind the backs of American Citizens. I will not be long before that pass a law to ban the U.S. Constitution. It will not be long before a president sign an Executive Order to ban the U.S. Constitution. The same group of people that took prayer out of schools will vote to have all Americans microchipped like dogs and placed in cages. It is time for America to wake up and have the SUPREME COURT REPLACED. The president has the power to select the Supreme Court members. They voted for same-sex marriage in America. Now we have television shows of men kissing each other while lying in bed. We have commercials with same-sex parents raising children. We have homosexual rappers watching homo porn while making music. We have little boys kissing each other on the lip on the Baby TV. People have freedom of speech but this is going to get them a first class ticket to the Lake of Fire. My point is, things are changing because of LAWS that are being passed by the Supreme Court. These freedom bandits are getting paid over $200,000 a year to destroy our moral country and turn it into the devil’s playground. Children will never be the same. Marriage will never be the same. Life as an American citizen will never be the same. The wrath will come in forms of storms, earthquakes and destruction from our enemies. While Americans are celebrating homosexual marriage and keeping up with the Kardashian , the enemy is plotting with weapons of mass destruction and bioweapons. Millions of believers are sending warnings just like Daniel. The kings, rulers and governments were always warned about the wrath before it happened. WAKE UP and LISTEN to what God’s people are saying to you. You saw all of the signs in the sky. The wrath of God will be worse than what happen in Egypt. Famine is real, pestilence is real, and destruction is real. “Vote for prayer in schools and take away same-sex marriage” say’s Elohim. It is time for America to have morals and pray for our leaders and Supreme Court. America is slowly dissolving. Our enemies are in position to nuke the shit out of you and you are too busy playing games with Elohim. China and Russia did not come over here flying jets and boats for vacation. They came to look for opportunity and weak areas to strike. North Korea is quite because they are making plans too. They hate you because you have disobeyed Elohim. REPENT TODAY. Time is running out.

rob kardashian

CNN says US sent weapons to rebels

U .S. military aircraft airdropped 50 tons of small arms ammunition to vetted Syrian rebel groups Sunday. You might want to be careful because you could be sending weapons to those ISIS gang members. They are taking Toyota trucks and turning them into war machines. ISIS could have weapons from the all over the world. ISIS is being ran like a government. They have a president and a bunch of crazies running around following orders to steal, kill and destroy. They are doing the work of the devil but they call him by a different name. These ISIS thugs are growing in number and the world should be aware. The Russians and kicking them in the balls and the Iraqis are throwing powerful left hooks. ISIS will not survive if their leader is destroyed but it seems like the group is not real. Can the media know so much without ever being in the Middle East? ISIS is just as real as the tooth fairy and Santa Claus. We want to do a live interview with the leader of ISIS but he has to fly to America. Dog, why you keep chopping off people heads. That is just wrong. Let’s sit down with a cup of Chai tea and curry. Let’s make peace. You don’t have to kill everybody dog.

ISIS leader convoy hit

ISIS was received a swift kick in the balls when their leader’s convoy was hit by the Iraqi air force . "The Iraqi air force carried out a heroic operation by striking al-Baghdadi's convoy while he on his way to attend a meeting with senior ISIS leaders in Karabelah," the statement said. Al-Baghdadi is public enemy number 1 and the whole world is looking for that man. He is also still in charge of ISIS and is currently living in Raqqa, Sryia. IF HIS CONVOY WAS HIT, WHY IS HE STILL RUNNING ISIS?

Donald Trump will suck you dry

Donald Trump will suck the US economy of all wealth until it is dry. He will suck the economy dry like a homeless prostitute. Barry Diller is CEO of IAC/InterActiveCorp. What would media mogul Barry Diller do if Donald Trump is elected president? "I'll either move out of the country or join the resistance." There are a lot of people who believe that Donald Trump is a liar and thief. He worked hard for his company and he is a great business man. You can’t be a great business man in America without fu*king over a few people that you’ve hired. Just ask Mark Zuckerberg , the social networking pioneer. He has fu*cked over his team and his best friend while creating the infamous website. The bottom line is that you cannot TRUST a reality TV star to be president. Donald Trump will fire everyone that he can and laugh in your face when you and your family is collecting unemployment benefits.

Mass shootings is like EBOLA

These NEWS corporations are telling bold lies and putting fear into the hearts and minds of the American people. Some of this stuff is a bunch of bullSh!+. They come up with stories to control the minds of people because they are like little lost sheep. You can’t believe everything that CNN says on the internet. It is their job to come up with “STORIES”. People were all in frenzy because of the Ebola virus and all of a sudden, this powerful disease falls off the face of the planet and people are walking around healed. There was no cure for the Ebola virus but everybody is well now. That was an example of how the media control people. The media can have a huge impact on how you view a different race or a certain person. The media can take a person like “OBAMA” and make him look like mother Teresa even after all of the lies and deception. The same media can take a pope and make him look like a Pharaoh. People come to work and talk about NEWS because it is a powerful way of controlling the mind. People are not really shooting up schools just like Ebola is not really killing people. The riots were a result of the media. What if those people never died? Everything on TV is like a movie. Look at it as entertainment until you have seen proof. Cameras are on every computer and every phone for a reason. You can’t do sh!t without someone watching your every move. THEY ARE COMING to take all of the good people away. The pestilence and destruction will come and people will be so focused on Keeping up with the Kardashian . They will be so focused on worshiping themselves and the Money Demons.

Thousands of inmates free from Prison Early

In a move to reduce prison overcrowding the federal Bureau of Prisons will grant early release to about 6,000 inmates beginning later this month . This is bad news for the citizens of America. We will have criminals running the streets who have not completed their prison time. We as Americans must protect our homes and families from danger. The President of the United States should not ban guns in America because we are responsible for protecting our families from evil. Some people need to be shot in order to protect the community and young children. Their parents were not able to raise these criminals to respect and love others. They go around raping, killing and stealing. They continue to do the devil’s work and they need to be castrated for rapes and sent to prison for their crimes.

Made in America

There are some major companies that will hire based on their ability to pay you less. They look for reasons to hire people from certain regions knowing that the pay would be less. People we need to wake up and demand our rights. Minimum wage is a work of the devil. Why would a company pay you to the lowest wage possible? So they could keep all the profits to themselves. If companies will not pay you more that minimum wage then you should pool your money together and start a new company that will pay more than minimum wage. People we have so many options yet you are always looking for to most simply way. This nation needs to be a strong financial power house. We will not get that way by paying people minimum wage or using overseas slave labor and building up the economy of china. We should be the source of the oil, food and supplies. We depend so much of the oil from the Middle East and put our children in harm’s way to protect these wicked countries who are supplying us with oil. Let us produce our own oil. Let us produce our own coffee and cotton. Made in America is something that this world needs to see. Let us become great again.

LA Pays $3,000,000 after man DEATH

LA is going to pay the family of a victim that was in police custody. His family must have a great attorney with a masters degree. This man was taken to prison and he died while being locked up. LA does not want to go through another riot so they are willing to put up that cash quick. Let us keep it 100. BLACK LIVES MATTERS only when blacks are shot by the pigs. Black people kill each other every day and there are no riots, protest or Al Sharptons. If black lives really matters then black people should act like it. Learn to love each other first and that love will show. This love will cause the pigs not to shoot black people all of the time. Black people need to take responsibility for their actions and stop being hypocrites. Black lives should matter when a black man is shooting up a town. Black lives should matter when a black man kills another black man over something that is stupid. BLACK Lives should matter all the time and every day. Protest when a black man kills another black man and the pigs and other people who are not black will take you serious. Black people it is time to stand up for what is right and do the right thing even if that means snitching on your deadbeat baby daddy or your crazy family members. It is time to take life serious and it is time for change. NOT THE OBAMA CHANGE but change in our society

Donald Trump will DESTROY America

Donald Trump is just not fit to be The President of the United States of America. This guy is the most arrogant man in the world. Many support Trump because he is a wealthy billionaire but that does not mean anything. He will take the American Constitution and use it a toilet paper. He will wipe his ass with the American people. Trump may be a great business man but he will make a horrible president because he thinks everything is a joke. If you vote for this man, you will give him power over everything. He will use this power for his own gains. Being a president will be just a bragging right for Mr. Trump. People wake up and see him for what he really is. He has no respect for your thoughts or feelings.

Land of Moral Decay

We are living in a land of wickedness and moral decay. The leaders say it is wrong to kill but they kill unborn babies every day and use your tax dollars to do it. They say it is wrong to steal but they still from the American public every day. They say it is wrong to not pay your bills on time and throw you in prison for not paying your bills but they are trillions of dollars in debt. We need leaders that will lead the America public in the right direction. Being a leader is about making good choices and leading by example. You cannot make laws and break them yourself. If you make the laws and you expect the America people to follow them, you are obligated to follow those laws as well.

The American people need a New Order. I am not talking about the New World Order but A new way of life. A life full of peace and prosperity and you can only have this type of life with I AM as your leader and God. People cannot achieve greatness without a good leader that will lead them. This Nation is like the blind leading the blind. They know the difference between right and wrong. They have the knowledge of what is good and what is evil but they continue to do what is evil. Other nations see the moral decay in America and they frown on us. Their world leaders shake our hand but deep inside they are saying someday we will destroy those fagots. We have to be a strong nation and A nation under God. We as a people have to stop living a life of wickedness before the judgement and wrath come on our nation and destroy our people. Look at the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Babylonians and many other great nations. They decided not to listen to wisdom and the warning. Now they are a memory in our text books. A great nation with a great military is no more because they wanted to enjoy a life of wickedness and sin.

AMERICANS it is time to wake up and repent from evil. We have to stop treating each other like shit. Americans kill Americans every day. Americans rape Americans every day. Americans lie, cheat, steal and persecute other Americans every day. We are one Nation under God and it is time to act like it. First it is up to our leaders to make the right choice and stop allowing Planned Parenthood to kill our babies with the tax dollars of the American people. It is up to our leaders to stop giving billions of dollars away to other nations and use that money to build up our communities and help our own people. Create jobs and fund educations for our young future leaders. It is time for Change in American. I am not talking about OBAMA change but true and righteous change.